Who’s that girl?

” I’m not the same girl anymore.. ”
“I am changing, rearranging…”
“…Somebody that I used to know ”

I hate taking pictures. And that was before the devastation of my body, soul and mind.
Now because of the illness and physical limitations lots of pictures are being taken (June is busting out all over!…)

Let the people say “Amen”!

I can’t believe I’ve paid for this for nearly two years and barely wrote anything. Timing is everything I suppose.  I finally have a therapist that I believe will actually help me resolve some issues instead of just talking about them. GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! I’m expressing my feelings! HA HA HA. This should be good.

I discovered one of the reasons this is so hard for me is because I have that good old perfectionist, control mentality. End result is I publish nothing. So now to hell with it. It is what it is.


This would be the appropriate time to turn tail and run.

Have you heard Lady Gaga’s new song, “until it happens to you?”  So many people I just want to hand copies of that song to.
Ok…enough here. There’ll still be Zen Knitting, it’s my baseline therapy but there’s so much more…My life, my truth, my creation.