It’s not fair!

Life. I see my mom’s mind slipping away and it seems to be happening more rapidly. We struggle to understand each other; each of us getting more frustrated because we can’t get what the other is trying to communicate.

As bad as it is for me, my heart breaks for her. I see the physical changes in her. She literally shrinks. Her eyes mists over and she holds her head down. I don’t know how to comfort her.

My eyes tear up but I can’t let her see this. It would only upset her more. I pray that God will comfort her.

Every day gets harder and harder. I am sick to my stomach. I’m not strong enough.

I just want to close my eyes… but I can’t…

I hate confrontation when it concerns me. I’ll fight the good fight for someone else. I tend to delay, deny or run when it involves my personal discomfort. Or worse, I just shut down and do nothing until the snowball turns into an avalanche and I am swept away.

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