Chink chink

I find it fascinating. We have just witnessed a chink in the Trump presidential campaign machine. Over the weekend the campaign raised over $14 million dollars and supposedly almost 1 million people requested tickets to the rally this weekend. He is trying to stall the release of John Bolton’s book. He talked about all these things during the news conference that just wrapped up.

However when asked about the Supreme Court ruling, he pretty much dismissed it with, “well, they made their ruling.” And he moved on. AND NOT ONE SINGLE TWEET ABOUT IT.

He’s in a tough spot. He can’t angrily denounce the decision or degrade the Justices because his appointee wrote the majority opinion. He can’t really call attention to it without stirring up his conservative Christian supporters who will clearly be reminded that he may not have delivered the conservative Supreme Court that he promised them.

He’s either going to have to roll the dice and toss a Roe v. Wade challenge up to the Court and hope to delay any significant movement on it until after November or keep downplaying what the Court did today.

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