Well here’s my first post. Not exactly what I had in mind. No great introduction, nothing pithy, but perhaps an accurate reflection of whom I am. I want everything to be just right and in so doing, often times I wind up not committing to anything at all. I find myself here again so I figured this would be as good a time as any to actually document a case in point.

I’m sitting here surrounded by multiple barely started knitting projects. I’m not brave enough yet to share how many there are.  Suffice it to say more than you can count on fingers AND toes! I thinkI know how it got this way but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, right now, I am trying to organize my madness into categories and prioritize my projects. Seems simple enough right?

So why can’t I get this done?  I know the couple I work on every day.  I have my “emergency no brainer” projects that I can go to when  I just want to chill.  I don’t know how to even describe the others; maybe that’s part of the problem.

well, so muxh for my first  post! Hey it can only get better from here 😉